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Is he only trying to get in my pants?

I’ve been talking to a guy for almost a month now, and we went on our first date last week.

For reference this is what happened on the first date

-He took me to Starbucks because he remembered its my favourite place and bought me a drink
- Paid for a beautiful fancy dinner
- We went for a walk
- We sat by the lake and were talking about our family life, career goals, and he said he likes my motivation and support
- He said I’m cute when I laughed
- He held my hands, kissed my head, and we listened to a slow song and danced.
- After our little slow dance he kissed me, but his hand went on my boob. I moved it away and said he’d have to work harder. He seemed intrigued.
- I asked what he’s looking for and he said he wants to see where things go, but “aiming for a committed relationship.”
- He then asked me for a second date, and got us an Uber to the train station because it was cold out.

That date was by far magical. On Tuesday he even said he’d call me today (Sunday) and out of nowhere he remembered and called me.

Here’s where I’m concerned.
- On the phone call he was being sweet and said he’s excited for our second date. However, he asked if I wanted him to rent an air B&B downtown to sleep over (since we live far from home.)
- I then asked what we’d do, he said “anything you want”. I asked if he was referring to “Netflix and chill”, he then said “only if you want, but we don’t have to!”

Is he only trying to get in my pants?
Is he only trying to get in my pants?
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