Dating on the job?

ok I have a question - there is a guy who is a little older than I am and he has told me that he has feelings for me and I have fallen in love with him, and think about him a lot. I really want to tell him how I feel. however things are kind of complicated - he works as a maintenance worker for my landlord. so it could kind of be seen as a conflict of interest possibly. I really want to spend time with him, even if it means spending time at his place, and him at my place once in a while. would dating him after his working hours be seen as a problem or dating him after his working hours be seen as a problem, or just calling each other more often with a different number, other than his work cell - I don't know if he has a personal cell or know his home number since he hasn't given me that information.


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  • If you both worked for your land-lord then it might be an issue. I don't see any problems here and it's really none of your land-lords business who you date. It's certainly out of his control who you fall in love with. Admittedly it could get complicated if things go sour and your toilet gets clogged and your sink starts to leak. Your appliances could suddenly find themselves on the wrong end of a screwdriver. So you might need to discuss this with anything that might need maintenance down the road. :) So, I say go for it as long as your OK with the possibility that your toilet might smell bad and your floor might be wet in the future. Good luck.


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