Did he really text me?

Met a guy, had a fabulous first date. He is in the forces and was away training all week, he text me on Tues to say hope he didn't think I was ignoring him but he had no signal on his phone where he was and had went to a pub to get a signal! And asked if it was OK if he got back in touch when home (on Friday). So Friday came and went and I didn't hear from him, then on Saturday he text saying "Are you not talking to me?" so I text straight back asking what he meant and I didn't get a reply. I text later in day asking if he had gotten text and to let me know if he wanted to meet up again. No response. This morning I then got another text saying "I do think you are really lovely, but I give up" so I phoned him and he answered and he said he had text me on Friday and hadn't got a reply. And hadn't received either of my texts on Saturday either. We kind of planned to meet on Thursday but I am not sure if this is just all BS? Or is it an awful lot of effort to go to for BS, as he didn't need to be in touch at all or answer his phone...? Help?

Hmm...someone has changed the name of my question...do admin do this?


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  • yeah some times they do

  • Just play this by ear and hope he is not BSing. My guy when I first met him told me his phone to call him but he gave me the wrong phone and I think he gave it to me on purpose for me to give him my phone number, but the thing is I gave him mine and he called.

    Just continue to see how this goes until like a month or so, then just totally say that it is his fault that he was playing games.

    But maybe it is that he thought he sent you a text but you didn't get it.

    good luck

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