Is my Boyfriend a Narcissist?

These are the things I observe to him

1. He ignores me after getting what he wants
2. He is always in need and that I am responsible to clean all his mess. But he doesn’t really care about mine.
3. It’s always about him.
4. He said he never love any girl and I wonder if he ever love me.
5. He curse me a lot of bad name calling if he doesn’t get what he wants
6. He has many criminal charges like rape and scamming, but he doesn’t admit his mistakes and only to blame the government for treating him bad.
7. He is afraid to go church and don’t really care about religious things
8. He often lie to me about things
9. My family and friends think that he was just using me and manipulating me.
10. He always blame me to his misfortunes
11. He beaten me up before and destroyed my phone
12. He promise to change but he is still the same
13. He is undeniably charming at first and will make you fall fast
14. He always wants to be served but he never did anything to serve you back
15. He expects you to give him compliments like gifts but he never give anything gift to you like even a flower.
16. He used different girls for sex and later on asking them for money or favors
17. He make me bad to other people even if it is his own mistakes.

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+1 y
In addition, Before I always edit my story to my friends and family to make him look good. But they don’t really have idea how bad he treated me
+1 y
I face financial woes because of him due to his needs and lifestyle. **
Is my Boyfriend a Narcissist?
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