Should I just go for a kiss?

Long story short, I'm in love with my best friend and we went out on dates and everything felt so perfect... Thing is, he's very VERY shy so he won't make a move first...even though I'm giving all the signals to say go for it. We were holding hands and he never pulled away so I know he feels the same... Should I just go for a kiss?


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  • try to get really close to him and see how does he respond. if he's OK with that you should, if he moves than you should wait

    (e.g. you can pretend like you didn't hear something, than move your head close to him and after he stops talking and you respond try to smile and look into his eyes.. see the reaction , I don't know the situation, try something like that, also, if there is a lot of people around you two maybe it's not the best idea haha)

    anyway, goodluck! :)


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  • yes just take his face in your hands and kiss him. Then the pressure of the kiss will be off and he'll be more comfortable knowing you really wanted that kiss ;)