Meeting with a guy from online dating site?

Background info: Had a random to the point message off a guy online which caught my eye and made me laugh, replied and he asked to meet up.

Been trying to sort out a day as availability seems to clash, however he's now said his work mate sent out the email and as he's getting a load of weirdo's reply to give him a tx/ring instead.

Not sure what to do? As he obv didn't choose to email me and I'm now wondering if it has been him replying.

Wondering whether to ask him outright if he does like me etc? but don't want to come across in the wrong way, as it was the first email that caught my eye not his pics tbh.

Thanks in advance! :-)


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  • i think that's his way of letting you know he's not going to meet up with you

    • Just re-read the reply and it actually says that his workmate has messaged some people and he's getting some right weirdos replying not that his workmate emailed me. Do you still think he's trying to get out of meeting me? Just that he can easily block me if doesn't want to talk

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