This girl told me she wants to hang out/go out but she can never make it to anything, and doesn't make time?

I want to know what to do with this girl. Over the past couple months she has shown a lot of interest in me. However she is incredibly busy and she can never make it to anything I invite her to. I know it may sound like she is making excuses but most of the time she does have a legit excuse to not go to stuff. But since she can literally never make it to anything, including movies not just parties, I have pretty much stopped texting/inviting her to stuff over the past couple weeks.

I texted her over break to ask how it was going but the conversation only lasted about 6 messages each and she took forever to respond to each one. She really doesn't start conversations with me, I have to start them if I want to talk to her.

She basically asked me to ask her to formal like the 3rd time we talked and we did go to formal and we had a lot of fun there but she was really insecure the entire night because she was convinced she was being a really bad date.

However that was like the only thing we really did together was formal, but she said she wants me to keep inviting her to stuff that my fraternity has, and she said she wants me to take her to our spring formal but I just don't know at this point if I should do that because I haven't talked to her for a while now.

I saw her at a party the other day but I acted like I didn't see her to see if she would actually come over and talk to me. I was there with some friends and it was a very crowded party. One of my friends is in her sorority and she went over and started talking with her and the girl that I like kept looking over at me when she was talking to my friend. She kept looking over at me all night but she never actually came over. I am just sick and tired of always taking the initiative to ask her to stuff and talk to her. It would be nice, if she really was interested to actually make an effort to go out with me.

But what should I do at this point? I haven't texted her at all for a couple weeks. Should I text her and just ask how spring quarter is going? To show I am still interested, or should I just wait for her to text me or get into contact with me, even though she might not. Either way I am tired of her constantly blowing me off but saying that she really does want to go out (she did tell me that at formal) but she never has the time. So should I just wait for her to text? Or should I just send her a message, not inviting her to stuff but just asking how she is?


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