Why am I so afraid or guilty to kiss? confused

I'm 16 and never kissed a guy and I like this guy who when he tried to kiss me I just freaked out and didn't let him, but I wanted to kiss him! then when I feel like I want to kiss him it makes me feel so nervous and almost guilty I'm such a loser=[


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  • I feel the same way I want to be able to kiss the guy but I just can't seem to do it. I think it is a fear of being intimate with another person I am currently wating for an answer so if I hear back or get useful advice I will tell you okay?

    • yaaa I know I don't know what's so scary though about putting my mouth on someone elses ha ha but thanksss

  • don't worry about it, just go for it at the right moment!

    you'll feel so much better after the kiss! ;)

    i use to be the same way, but once you do it its pretty fun!

    • haha I know its like I'm dying for my first kiss but I just can't do it am I blew that one opportunity and its the same with dating I've turned down several dates because I'm afraid of being awkward. I need to get over the hump ha ha like just go on a date or just kiss and then ill be fine! I hope=]

    • Wow I thought I was the only one...yes some times I wish a guy would just kiss me already so I can stop being so anxious all the time...! Haha well I feel a little better knowing I am not the only one...

    • haha to be honest I still get like that sometimes!

      some guys make me so nervous, but its best to go with the flow as long as he shows respect and doesn't pressure you into anything! :)