Are these messages real or am I just too hopeful?

I've know this girl for a like half a year and I'm trying to figure out if she likes me as much as I like her. She goes to a different school, so I. Mostly only see her at parties and we mostly talk through texts or on facebook so I don't have any body language to help me.

We first met at a Halloween party, we had mutual friends and talked pretty much all night. We went on a hay ride but there was no more room so she sat on my lap.

A little while after that I was talking to her friend(the girl I like wasn't there). I was joking around and said "who wouldn't want my sexy body" her friend said "not me, but one of my friends is interested" but when I asked who she pretended she dint say it. This is when I got really hopeful cauze I only know 3 girls in their group of friends 2 being the girl I like and the girl I was talking to.

She texted me on Valentine's day. I said I was having bad day cause I had nobody to spend the day with, and she said "Me neither, I know we can be each others valentines!"

She has asked me twice if I was going out with anybody. First time she asked and before I could answer she said she had to go and signed off, the second time I said no and then she signed off right away.

I kinda took these things as little hints that she likes me. I want to know if I'm just too hopeful or if these actually are hints. I'm trying to figure out if she likes me, cause I'm afraid to tell her how I feel.

wow I don't know why this is in sexualtiy I definitely hit flirting.


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  • They could be taken either way, kind of like a bumper for girls if you don't like her she can say I was just being friendly or if you do the girl could say I was flirting. Basically it's a girl's scape goat if she makes a fool of herself.


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