So a girl asks me out, we texted and now she's making excuses? Did I do something wrong?

K, basically, there was this girl I just met in the mall, on tuesday, somehow we just started talking. and not even half an hour, she asks me out. Both me and her had to go somewhere, but I got her number. Anyways, when I got home, I texted her, we texted a bit that night, and we agreed to go out on this weekend. So I texted her on friday, and she texted back saying that it's her mom' birthday on sunday and her grandpa's on the saturday, but she said she didn't know they were going to celebrate her grandpa's that day, and thought they would be celebrating it the same day as her mom's on Sunday. Anyways, we were supposed to go out on Sat, and ya, I haven't received a text from her anymore since friday. Do you guys think this is an excuse? Or is this legit? The thing is she is very CUTE! And I've never been asked out this bluntly before. I for some reason like her too and normally it takes me a lot to like a girl. I mean, she;s the one that asked me out, I texted her and we agreed on the weekend, and now she cancels on me, and she hasn't replied back to me. So what now? Do I text her again asking her if she's free next weekend? Or wait for her now? The thing is her and her bro shares the same phone. there has been times already that her bro texts back and I'm just afraid that if her bro doesn't like me he'll just delete the messages and not even tell her sis. What TO DO?


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  • Call her. Damn texting is lame. Actually carry on a conversation with this strange girl that you supposedly like. Which you may want to think about, because it sounds more like lust or infatuation to me. As much as I encourage the asking out of strangers you may want to try getting to know someone first. My girlfriend and I have been friends for a year and a half before we started dating and that makes it so much better. All that and you seem to be taking this a little to personally. Mayhaps she just likes flirting? But yeah. Call her. Take the initiative. Chicks dig that. This comment is very blunt. But listen, dammit.


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  • i don't know anyone that shares a cell with their brother. that's a lame excuse, she wants nothin to do with you.


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  • First, fix your grammar and sentence flow; it hurt my eyes. maybe it hurt her eyes too?

    Second; Another male shares the phone? Are you sure it's her brother?

    Third; shit, maybe I'm old or something, but can you just call her? Then you'd know if you get through to her.

    Generally speaking, women have a strategy of coyness. If she's a cute girl, doubly so. Unfortunately, men must adapt to whatever behavior a female demonstrates. The real advice, is to not go on too strong, i.e., don't call her more than twice a week, especially if she is sending mixed signals.