Are you a butter face if you have a hot body but just an above average face?

today a bunch of guys told me that I had a pretty face and that it was above average. however, it wasn't stunning. my body, on the other hand, they told me was super hot and almost perfect. therefore, that makes me a butter face.

but I thought butter face meant everything looks good but-her-face. but they said my face looked good, just not as good as my body. so am I still a butter face just because my face isn't as hot as my body?


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  • If you have a pretty face that just isn't as good as your body, then you're not much of a butterface. Butterfaced-ness is a relative thing. A girl with a body that's a 10 on a 10 point scale and a face that's a 1 on a 10 point scale is pretty much a "perfect" butterface. If you have a 10 body and a 6 face, you're more of a butterface than a girl with a 5 body and a 5 face even though you're hotter in both face and body. You have a bigger delta. In your case it's not "everything's FINE but her face." It's more like "everything's PERFECT but her face."

    So take heart. Although it's not the greatest term in the world, for you it's more about having a ridonkulously hot body than a not so hot face. Personally, if I could choose between a 10 body and a 6 face or the reverse, I'll go with the hot body every time.

    • We *might* benefit if you post a pick of your body though. . . Hahaha!

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  • no, a butterface is when the body is really hot, but the face is really ugly.

    a girl with a really hot body and an OK face, is just a girl with a really hot body and an OK face, not a butterface.

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