Guys, would you want me to tell you if I had a problem like this?

So my best friend and I just started dating. He's always liked me and he's a little nerdy, never had many girlfriends, but seemed to fill the guy friend role for a lot of females in high school, which is odd because he hates most females including a lot of those who consider him a friend. Anyways... I completely trust him and its really cool because I normally am very controlling and untrusting but its different because I know that he would never screw things up and I know how much he's into me and how long he's waited for me to come around.

We both go to different schools and therefore have a good deal of time apart where we go out with our other friends. I haven't had a problem with it but then last weekend he was supposed to come see me and he didn't because he ended up being assigned a project and two tests the next week. That happens to us a lot, we're both on pretty rigorous paths in school.

But then I went home to visit my parents which is only an hour away from him and he said he could come see me that night. I told him that if he was busy studying to just keep on with that and not worry about it but if he had free time and was up to it he could come. Well I got home later than expected so he ended up not coming because he assumed it was too late. He finished studying for the night and we started talking on the phone.

Our mutual friend was in his town and called him so he clicked over. Two minutes later he came back and told me that she guilted him into going out to a bar with him and another girl from our high school. I expressed that I was irritated because she so easily convinced him to go out and he hadn't come to see me because he deemed it too late. He was leaving at almost 1 in the morning and ended up staying until 2. In that time he could've driven to see me but he chose to do that instead. He knew I was upset and he kept calling me while he was out, almost trying to involve me in everything that was going on and he made a point to tell me he loved me in front of them. So I know I don't have to worry about his motives but I was still irritated.

Afterward he called me and I pretended everything was fine but he knew it wasn't and kept dragging it out of me. But he also kept getting mad saying I was overreacting. One of the bigger reasons I was upset beyond the fact that I felt like he chose them over me is that the other girl is a bit promiscuous and in high school we were really close until she tried to make out with my boyfriend at the time. Now my current guy doesn't know that but I really hate that he considers her a good friend and she's just one of those girls who can't be happy for people and instead tries to interfere. Should I tell him what happened between us and why I don't want him to hang out with her? Or because it was so long ago, should I just let it go? I feel like I am being crazy and he acted like he didn't understand where I was coming from so I dropped it but I'm still a little bugged.


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  • If he respects you , tell him. If he doesn't choose you though , it could mean that he doesn't respect you at all. It's not like you ask him to do sh*t like this all the time right? When you telling him bring that up if it's true


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