She said she needed a break. Girlfriend of 6 years wants her cake and eat it?

Ive been dating this girl for 6 years now, she been wanting to marry me for some while now, but in the last year her dad help her get a house and I've moved and to a renter house, she think we when backwards anyways we love each other very much, but this Jan she said she needed a break so we took a month off and and that time I realized that's the girl I want to marry so we got back together she was so happy that I realized everything. We talked bout the ring and hoe she wanted to be marry in a yr. Six weeks later things are fine but she wasn't talking bout the ring anymore, so I had a talk with her and she started to cry saying she between wanting to go out with her friends and have fun or loosing me forever? After 6 yrs, so I let her go. See she works at a salon that party all the time and the girls are all her age around 25 and go drinking and stuff so I think she been listening to them cause she an only child and has no one else to talk too. What should I do? Grass isn't all ways greener and she knows she taking a risk?


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  • You spent six years not giving her the companionship she desires, now she has found it elsewhere. You are the one who wanted the cake, and to eat it too. You wanted a long term, stable relationship without the responsibility that comes with having a wife. It took almost losing her for you to cowboy up and agree to marry her. But by then she had decided that you didn't care about her needs, because it took the threat of a breakup to make you agree with her. She decided not to get into a marriage based on threats and ultimatums, and she is having second thoughts on marriage in general.

    Basically you screwed the pooch, your ship has sailed, my friend. Bon Voyage. You had your chance and you blew it. Better luck next time.

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