Girl on online dating site called me cute?

A cute girl messaged me on a dating site saying she thought I was cute. Should I message her back saying I think she's cute too or ask her questions about stuff from her profile? I want to keep her interested and not come off needy. And advice is appreciated.


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  • Do those two things. 1)compliment her back, then 2) ask her a thing or two about herself. This will give you a good introduction and keep the conversation going.

    • Totally agree!

    • Agreed!

      An advertisement for a dating sight came up on this questions page and it said, "Hi you're cute! Want to chat?"

      I think it's a sign... 8D

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  • Compliment her, say she has beautiful eyes or something, that won't come across as creepy. You could say pretty, but don't say hot or dammnn or anything like that. Be genuine, ask her some good questions like "What kind of hobbies do you have?' "Whats your favorite movie" "Favourite place to go on a date" stuff like that. Ask about any interesting trips she has gone on, or where she has gone to school. That will come across as interested on your part and not creepy :D

  • definitely compliment her back. that shouldn't make you sound needy unless you right away ask her to meet up with you and all. so after you compliment her yea just ask her stuff about her profile :)


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