Am I reading into things or should I listen to my gut?

My boyfriend and I met online and have been dating for 2 months :). but he lives about 40 min away and with gas prices the way the are, we haven't been seeing each other that much these past 3 weeks. But mainly it's been me going to see him, which is fine. But when I was at work the other(2 days ago) day, we were texting and then I didn't hear back from him for 4 hours, I figured he fell asleep or something, then I get a random text and he replies that it was someone else. Come to find out it was a girl friend of his, which I have no problem with, just concerned with why he can text me when he's with other friends that are girls but can't when he's with this one? Since then we have talked on the phone once and text sparatically. I don't understand why he's acting differently. I don't want to think that something happened when it didn't.


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  • I say go with your gut. If you have a gut feeling, always listen to it. Your gut can never lead you wrong.

    As for dating him for 2 months, and you met him online, think it over if you consider traveling the 40 minute distance might get in your way.

    Good luck.