Why does he want to hang out?

Long story short...this player lead me on, I confronted him, he denied it (of course), said he just wanted to be friends (he said things to me that normal friends don't say to each other), and I told him to not talk to me because I needed to get over him. I've liked him for 2+ years. We haven't talked for about 5 months and I'm perfectly fine. But recently he's been texting me to hang out/ party. At first I was thinking 'Oh he just wants to get me drunk so we do stuff'. But he knows I'm not easy and I'm still a virgin so if I wanted to lose it to him, I already would have (I was ready to, but then I found out he was a player. I'm just waiting for the right guy). And at least 5 girls have written on his Facebook wall saying they need to hang out. So why is he bothering asking me to hang out when he knows I'm not going to do stuff with him? I wouldn't even if I was drunk. He's been with a couple girls who I know are VERY promiscuous (and who knows how many more) and that just turns me off.

He just texted me last night wanting to hang out...3rd weekend in row :/


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  • Forget him! You totally deserve better. You don't wanna feel used or anything, so the less time you spend with him, the better. Where do you hail from just out of curiosity? :)


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  • You already went months without talking to him... Don't let that progress screw you up... It will only get easier, but he might play you again if you hook up.

    • I haven't hung out with him and don't plan on it. I wouldn't hook up with him because I know he's a player. But if he has 5+ girls wanting to hang out with him and he knows I'm not easy, why would he even take the time to ask me to hang out? It's not like he would be getting anything sexual out of it, where as with a couple of the girls wanting to hang out he most likely would get sex.