Kissing a girl on the cheek?

Can this action mean something?

---a little more detail:

A guy sits next to some girl (that he obviously knows), kisses her on the cheek, they talk for a little while longer (they're sitting with some other people as well) and then he kisses her on the cheek once more, and she gets up and leaves...

In this kind of situation can this cheek kissing mean anything?

Would you do this with/to a girl you like, or a girl you know and respect, or your sister perhaps?

I know he has a (but I doubt a guy would kiss his older sister on the public... kinda mushy?)

The problem here is that he isn't the kind of a guy who would just go around kissing, hugging or even touching a girl he doesn't know well. He's sort of a shy dude.

He stares at me throughout classes, he tries to sit next to me and start up some conversations. But lately (throughout this past week, he hasn't really looked at me too much - because I discouraged him - I felt uncomfortable looking at him as much as he was looking at me).

1) What does this kiss mean ?

Thank you so much for answering this


I just have to say that I never thought this would have such a big impact on me - seeing him kissing a girl I don't know - but it really has.


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  • The kiss means he is/was obviously interested in the girl. It may have had an impact on you because you may be interested in him. But as you said, you discouraged him.


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  • kissing... very good..

    its like a magic.. keeps your relationship strong.

    love starts with kisses..

    based on my exper..