Date or not ? What do you, boys, think.

This guy and I are in the same spanish class.

We are not close but we have nice small talks quite regularly.

Last week he invited me to his 21st and I could not make it. Then on Monday he invites me to his concert this Saturday. I am the only girl from this class that he has invited. I am the only one he has added on Facebook, too.

I e-mailed him about the times and he concluded his answer by 'we can have a few drinks after and our spanish will flow !".

Is he just trying to be nice or is it a kind of a non-official date according to you ?

Also, do you think he would say something like that if he was in a relationship and just wanted to be friends ?

Please please please boys give me your opinion on that ! :)


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  • Yes, it's a date, he's trying to keep it friendly to not scare you away.

    • Thanks !

      I have another question : isn't it a bit awkward to show up alone ? None of my friends can make it since it is a bit last minute.

    • ...if it's a date, it would actually be more awkward for you to show up with somebody.

    • Yeah I thought so too... I'm just really afraid to put my hopes up for nothing !

      Do you think that at the end of the concert I should go and talk to him, or wait for him to find me ?

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  • Sounds like he's into you, non-official date to get to know you better, perhaps?

    • I hope so :)

      Thanks for your comment !

      Do you think I should go with a friend or alone ?

    • You should probably go alone. If he really does like you, having a friend there too may be a bit awkward. You could bring your phone and ring your friend if things don't go as well as you had hoped!

  • non official date

    he wants to spend time with you and get to know you better, but still wants to keep it casual

    • Thanks for your answer, I really hope you're right on that !