What does he mean by "transition"?

I have this guy friend that I have known for almost 8 months. He was dating someone at the time but they broke up about 2 months later. I developed feelings for him around 5 months. I finally admitted that I wanted to date him around a month ago, and he kind of shrugged it off. Since we are good friends, and have a lot of mutual friends I let it go. Last week during a star wars marathon with mutual guy friends, he started cuddling with me. We have hung out every night since then. He hugs me a lot, and comes up behind me and holds me.Yesterday I asked him the dreaded DTR(define the relationship). I honestly wanted to know if we were going to date or if was just going to be a fling, and he replied that we were in a "transition". Can anyone tell me what "transition" means?


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  • It means the time/place between two definite titles in a relationship. Like between being friends and dating, for example.



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