Which Victoria's Secret Bikini should I buy?

I'm going to Myrtle Beach, SC in 2 weeks for the first time so I'm going to buy a new bikini.

Which one should I get? I've included site model pics.


Option A: link (Pink Paisley Suit)

Option B: link (Sequin Pyramid Suit)

  • Pink Paisley Suit
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  • White Sequin Pyramid Suit
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  • just wanted to mention I'm going to the same place around mid july. we're gonna get a free beach house with 19 of my friends. itll be fun, too bad you won't be there with me in your new bikini. :(

    also, I know and am "dating" the girl whos uncle owns v.s. so anything you buy is probably a design by her. she gets lots of free stuff and her uncle wants her to start taking over the business. and yes she lives 2 hours from me. in columbus ohio where v.s. headquarters is :)

    • That's freaking awesome dude! I'm staying with at my mom's fiancee's house 1 block away from the beach. And this is my Easter break. :)

      And that's so legit! I bet she has the cutest stuff from there.

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    • LOL I liked your answer. :)

    • who wouldn't :D

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What Guys Said 3

  • "A" would get more compliments because it "stands out more".. While "B" would get more respectful glances, based on what I would assume, because it's more high-class than the others.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Personally, I vote 'A' because the pattern is universal throughout the whole swim suit.


  • I think A would probably work for ya.

    But, I vote Option C: Sheer See Through Bikinis

    I'd link to one, but I have a feeling someone wouldn't be happy :P come on, it'd be totally hot.

    But ya, seriously A seems better.

    • Wtf is the point of a sheer bikini?

    • I don't honestly know, but I encourage you and all women to get one :P haha.

      But ya, the pink one's cute.

What Girls Said 4

  • Definitely the pink paisley suit! It will look great with your skin tone and is practical for actually being in the water, too! I might buy that one, too!

  • i choose B I really like it

  • Hmmm...definitely the pink one!

  • I think the first one is really cute, now that I've seen it I might just get it:P

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