Should I call?

I like this girl and up to a few weeks ago I think she liked me, or if not, we were close friends. Then her phone broke and as we do not go to the same school or any other social activities we were unable to contact each other to organize to meet up. So now its been about 5 weeks since I last saw her and about 2 since we texted and I really want to catch up. I texted her friend and asked if I had done anything to annoy her (this was before I knew the phone was broken) the friend said that her phone broke but that she really wanted to text me. She's not getting a new mobile for another 3 weeks and I really REALLY miss seeing her (Used to see her 1-2 times a week, but was all organised by text)

Should I ask her friend for her home number and give her a call?

It would be the first tiem that iv called her, let alone her home number. Also I don't know what I would say to her, let alone any of her family if they awnsered.

Please help, its doing my head in.


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  • hey, I'd say go for it. Worse scenario things don't work out and you'll end up finding someone new. Her friend said she wanted to talk to you, right? Therefore, she's gotta be thinking about you. Especially if she's talking to her friend about it. Girls shouldn't have to always work for it. If you're interested, show it. ;)


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  • You say if you called you wouldn't know what to say? Well. that actually doen't matter at all. First off say what you would have texted her anyway. One of my best friends talk on the phone all the time for hours, and I'd say at least 25-50% of the call is silence. She still calls me and I still call her. If she likes you or even if you are just friends you don't need to worry about what to say. I also would agree that if she wants to talk to you it would be worth giving her a call. If you are really uncomfortable giving her a call, you could always ask for her email address. Its a little slower but more like a text.