How to actually move in for a kiss with a girl?

Been on about two dates with this girl, but I would like to know what I can do to actually move in for a kiss?


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  • Compliment her somehow and get really close to her.

    Touch her face, her cheek, run her lips with your finger tip.

    Then, look into her eyes for about three seconds, and by then, she should've smiled.

    Grab her chin and SOFTLY pull her face towards you.


    • I agree with your answer !

      The LAST thing to do is to be too sudden. Being kissed by surprise can turn to be very awkward.

    • Exactly.

      You need to wait for

      1. the right time

      2. the right mood... can't be talking about sports and kiss her. doesn't work like that.

  • On your third date, I'd do it early on, you will feel better & the rest of your date will go great!

    When you get in the car, before you pull out turn to her, take her hand with your right hand and tell her you are really glad to see her that your going out tonight. Then, tell her that you just want her to know that you have a really good time when you're with her. Then lean over take her chin with your left hand, lean into her face while gently pulling her face towards you and kiss her (close your eyes). Smile & say that was nice. There you go, out of the way for the evening.

    The one later on will be so much better. You'll be standing and hold her close to you, etc. You will be more comfortable & so will she.

    Good luck. Have fun.


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