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Girls, Can a man and a woman truly be "Just Friends"?

Hi, so in my experience. I have girls who are my Friends. But, at some point tried to hit on me.
Once or twice. Most of my best Friends who are girls, were my girlfriends first. We had a thing first, we tried, didn't worked out. NCR for 3 to 6 months and then became Friends. I know these girls for over a decade now, but, that's how it happened.

There are a few other girls who I don't talk to anymore because I tried dating them, they said No. And we tried to be Friends, once I started dating other girls, they became jealous and mistreated my GFs. After fights and stuff it turns out that, they couldn't move on, they still had/have feelings for me, but, I don't understand why they didn't admited those feelings when I asked them out. Now, we don't talk anymore, the relationship is ruined and what they feared the most happened. So, why not give it a try in the first place? If the feeling is mutual, why not give it a try? I do not understand that.
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Girls, Can a man and a woman truly be "Just Friends"?
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