Should I call her?..can't tell

So I met this girl at a party two weeks ago we definitely hit it off from the start and talked (she has a head on her shoulders and isn't a princess). I was actually interested and liked her personality. Didn't feel like I was talking to a goddamn wall like with some people. We hooked up a little the next weekend (nothing crazy). My neurotic quirky friend says "call her!" but he loves relationships and mushy gushy things and I don't know if I can trust his opinion don't wanna come off as a stalker and call her out of the blue. Been texting her from the start (gnna call her in the future I know I shouldve from the start) but I'm always the one who starts it. Is she just playin hard to get and is interested in dating? or is she too busy for this garbage? or is she just politely saying that it was a one time deal? I'm in a good college so obviously kinda busy and so is she. I think she likes me.just don't know if she's interested in dating. We met up a third time a 3 days ago and grabbed lunch didn't hold hands or anything no hug or kiss after so haven't really broken the ice. Basically, you think she wants me to go after her and is just too shy to call me/text me first? or is she sending a message that I should move on and is just nice? IDK! and I'm tired of thinking about it lol


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  • I think sending text messages does not really help to figure out the relationship. You should call her. Maybe talking to her on the phone will break the ice between you two. When you are with her are the conversations friendly, or flirty?


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  • It's a man's job to initiate contact, no exceptions. She'll let you know if she's busy, or if it was a one-shot, or if she wants to play hard to get, after you initate contact. Before contact, you're just making her wait, and some girls don't like that.