Why did he kiss me?

so my guy friend and I were out with our group of friends and as the night got later it became just me and him so we went to the park and as we were talking I started to get cold so he started to hug me and later on we kissed twice and then once more when he took me home and he didn't ever make an effort to contact me I always text him first and I got anxious and ask him what I was to him and he said "to be honest your a great girl but I don't want to lose you as a friend and if you ever did become my girl and we broke up it would effect our friends,so was it just an excuse or did he lead me on? Also he text on Valentine's day saying Happy Valentine's Day but I didn't text him back


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  • He does like you but your in the friends zone. He sees you like a sister rather than a lover. The kiss was testing to see how you both felt. If it's ment then you will get together