Why does he still talk to me?

I met this guy a few months ago and he seemed interested (We went out he told me I was beautiful asked me about my goals etc, said he wanted to see me more). He lives out of town because of work and said he would like to see me when he comes into town. We text and I'm chat off and on. He is just so wishy washy one day he will flirt the next he will be cold or just ignore me. Then when I ask him what's up with the ignoring etc he gets a little defensive and asks me why I even like him? Then he has come to town a few times without telling me. One time he was in town though and invited me out with his friends. He hugged me and everything (not that it means anything). Then it was back to the wish washy business. I have asked him hey what's up with all of this and he just says well I'm young and I don't know what I want and why do you like me then the next day he will be back to the flirting? He just confuses me. The whole situation is just confusing. I know I shouldn't chase him...But why does he even contact me still? If he doesn't like me then he doesn't why doesn't he just stop? I'm just so sick of the hot and cold! Should I just ignore him? I just am tired of getting my hopes up that he is going to be open like he was when we first met then he just goes back to being wishy washy. When I mention other guys he gets irritated as well. I thought he would be happy that I was trying to move on from my crush on him. It's not like he and I are teens we are both in our mid to late 20s. Should I just stop talking to him even when he texts or messages me or even calls me? I just am extremely confused.

Well, as of right now I pretty much know that he is not interested so time to move on to bigger and better things! :D


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  • good to hear.

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