He called me her name?

So me and my ex dated a year and broke up in Dec 2009 because he would always lie about stupid things and I would get jealous. Since then we both have had a few short term relationships, and his most serious one was about 3 months and they broke up in Nov/Dec 2010, mostly because she didn't put anything into their relationship& was jealous about me and him (he compared her a lot too me and would still text me saying he misses me ect.). It's now April and we've recently started talking again and things have been going really well, except that one night we were having a conversation about how much he misses me and never really got over me and she came up (that's not what I'm upset about). I'm upset because right after he said something about her, he called me her name. He felt so sorry about it and ever since then he's been trying really hard to make it up to me. So should I still be mad or let him off the hook? Also, my names Alicia so its pretty close to Ashley.

also, should I worry that he might still have some sort of feelings for her? he does a lot of cute posts on facebook and says theyre for me and if you look at his facebook you can tell he still loves me. but what made me start to worry is because ashley's friend called me sloppy seconds, which I don't get because I had him first.


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  • My math teacher accidentally called me my brother's name back in the day. Twice.

    We just laughed about it after class, but I feel it's understandable. I mean, he did say her name quite often when he was to talk to her, no? :P Mixing up names is natural, give him a break.


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  • Hey! words of advice: as you mention you guys were not togather for about 3 months, I think it gunna take a bit time before he adjust. Don't let the same jealous drive you away from what you want. Every one deserve a second chance, who knows! he might take the relationship to the next level. follow your HEART lady.

    • well me and jimmy haven't been in a relationship since dec 2009. him and ashley only broke up dec 2010 after a 3 month relationship. but thanks for the advice!

  • Give him a break, it happens.

    • ya but it just makes me wonder if he might still have feelings for her, or if I'm just being jealous again

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    • And the ex is just being jealous.

    • thanks :)

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