Is this a good first text? Just met this super hot girl, advice?

Sometimes hot girls can intimidate me so I usually go for the cute ones instead. But today I saw this smokin hot girl sitting alone and for some reason I HAD to talk to her. It was like one side of me said "keep walking" and the other said "GO IN NOW". I flirted with her for 5 minutes, turned away then walked back and said "I'm going to have to get your number" She gave it to me right away.

Now, I don't wanna mess this up. I met her in the morning and I am going to text her later this evening. GIRLS, is this a good 1st text "Hey so random meeting you today, you seem pretty chill. I only talk to unique girls, are you cool? If so we should hang out sometime."

Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!


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  • I agree with miss Bubblegumcandy. Most girls are suckers for flattery, call her beautiful, and often. ;) don't bother with trying to be 'cool'... unless she is like 15? I think before you get into chatting you should just flat out ask her to chat over coffee, texting is so impersonal. Ask her a lot of questions, innocent stuff first of course... family, where did she go to school, etc.


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  • sounds kind of weird, start with something more simple like " hey beautiful, hows the rest of your day been?"


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  • Horrible bro. Why ask are you cool. Get to know her and you will find out. Call her. Don't text. Show her your a man. If you text she can blow you off to easily. Tell her nice meeting you, not random.

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