I forget what to say when I go on dates?

Recently I've been having lots of problem finding a girl who likes me and would like to be my girlfriend. Every time I go on a date the I go completely blank, like I don't know what questions to ask, or what to say to keep the conversation going. When I'm on the phone with them, before we go on date, I'm able to talk about anything, I'm the most talkative guy on earth. So when I go on date, women start to say that, I'm a little bit quiet, and that I wasn't like that when I was on the phone or the webcam. Then it seems when I start to ask a little bit of questions to see where they want to go with me, they give me the same old line, "I don't think I'm like ready to be in a relationship, I want to like get to know people first, like you know." I guess I really f*** up. Like this just keeps happening to me, the funny thing is that these women I date expect me to make the whole damn conversation. I just don't get it. I wish they would understand I just go blank, but I guess they don't get it. I'm tired and just feel like giving me. Some people tell me I need to be alone because I'm like really wanting a girlfriend bad, and it's not good to be in search, it's better to let it come to you, specially when your a bit clingy. Any advices ?


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  • what end up going on


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