Should I continue talking to him?

I met this guys about two months ago. Right away he wanted me to hang out and chill with him at his house. Which it was fine he wanted to get to know me. We have been hanging out once a week since we met but we only see each other at night. He doesn’t really call or text unless the day he wants to see me but he occasionally text to see how I'm doing so sometimes he shows he cares. I met some of his friends but we never hang out. We recently had slept together and everything is good. We still talk the same way nothing has changed, but I don’t know where this is going I have a feeling he talks to other girls also. But I don’t know what I should do I want to ask him what does he want out of this he told me he likes me but I think its too soon to ask. But I also don’t just want to see him at night all the time after work just to have sex I want more what should I do?


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  • I recently had a situation similar to this. The cure? If you don't want to just see him at night for sex, then don't! It's a simple as saying you're busy at night (work is getting stressful, something along those lines) and suggest a day outing on the weekend. If he turns it down, just say okay maybe next time. Continue with this until he either A) gets the hint that you're not just going to skip over and be a booty call so he'll agree to actual dates or B) Loses interest because he was using you for sex.

    You can pretty much find out everything you need to know about this guy by what you allow. So no need to ask the dreaded, "where's this going" question. You're in control of your time.


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  • loserrrrrr.

    girl,don't be fooled by him.

    you deserve much better than to be played.

    he's using you,and one of these days,karma is going to get him.

    ignore him, imo.

  • i think he is playing you.i think he just wants sex honestly.he doesn't call you unless he needs something.not cool.cut him loose now.dont get too involved with him because its going to get messy

  • This is the perfect definiton of a booty call. He wants to keep you, just to hook up more, I mean I don't think his intentions go beyond that, so be careful and don't take him too seriously, cause he's defenetly not taking you seriously

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