Guys does it matter to you how well a girl kisses?d

Guys does it matter to you how a girl kisses? I had never been kissed before but a while ago this guy who likes me, kissed me. Since it was my first kiss (even though he didn't know it) I was so nervous that my lips didn't even move. Then, a while later, he kissed me again and since he actually caught me off guard it was pretty similar to the first kiss. His lips did all the work. Still, he seemed really happy to have gotten a kiss. So now I'm wondering, does it matter to guys how well a girl kisses or is it something that you'll enjoy as long as you like the girl?


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  • Haha that's a good question. Lots of guys have told me I am a good kisser and I'm always like "ummm ha ha whatever you say." I don't even really try sometimes. XD