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Where can I find someone like him?

Well everyone has a type of person the really want date and there's those types of people that say they don't have a type because what they care about is love
Well I was one of those people and what I realized from my dating experience ( not really dating experience lol)
I never got treated right and I was the only person who sacrificed a lot and I was the only who was doing things and begging them to not leave just because I give them love when they didn't give me anything so no judge I know a lot of people who don't look good but they have a good personality and same the opposite and sometimes there's these types of people ( I have dated) who don't look good don't act good who are bad and mean heartless people and I always been asking myself why do I always have to please people who don't even try to please me?
So where can I find a person who's like shawn
Who is kind like shawn
Who is cute like shawn
who is nice like shawn
Who is so respectful like shawn
And a gentleman like shawn
Or any nice guy.. How can I find someone respect me as a woman loves me for who I am makes me feel rare ( he doesn't have to be hot) how can I know the guy is good cause I really don't want f boys in my life so that's my question
Where can I find someone like him?
Where can I find someone like him?
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