What can I do if I really just want a girl I can hang out with?

I don't have any female friends and I really just wish I could have one I could hang out with and talk to.

the thing is though all the advice online on this subject matter is so retarded. it just says to be confident and go for it. they clearly don't understand what shy means or at least they are not shy like me.


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  • why don't you find one?

    • too scared

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    • youre not bothering me lol .. you just have to get yourself out there, stop being so afraid. We can't always expect to have what we want with out trying to get it you know?

    • no one can ever truly relate to what you're going through because only you've been through your life, and your life is what has made you who you are (at least I think so) but people can always try to understand. All I can tell you is f*** what the world thinks and do you, its really up to you to either accept that and use it or try to figure out another way that works better for you.

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  • you just find one that looks nice and someone you

    would have fun with and make conversation. its just like

    finding a guy friend pretty much and it won't be that

    hard because girls love guys as friends. -A<3

  • Well do you have any guy friends with a girl that's just a friend? If so you should try to be closer to that guy friend and start talking to the girl when you guys hang out. Then eventually you and the girl will become friends too :)


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