How Do I Go In For The Kiss?

I was on this mini-date with this girl that I have not seen in like 3 years. We used to be pretty good friends, and even dated for like a couple weeks before, and I know we still have feelings for each other. We talked the whole week leading up to the date; all we did was grab some ice cream and drive around, talk and chill. We had a good time, nice laughs and so on. I just had a hard time trying to get things more intimate, something I constantly fail at.

So anyone got any simple advice on that matter? How can I go in for the kiss? When is the right moment or how can I hint I want to kiss her? OR was this all just a stepping stone for things to come?


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  • Well if you just want to kiss her, try to find a place where you two can get closer together and where you two can be alone. If you guys do that then the atmosphere will be perfect to perform a kiss. For you personally, all you have to do is slowly go 90% of the distance and let her go 10% of the distance (got that from the movie, HITCH). Close your eyes when you're about to kiss her and think of something positive like the girl you're kissing.

    Now if you're trying to get the conversation between you two more intimate, you'll have to ask and talk about intimate information. Try to ask questions like "Do you believe in love at first sight?" , "What are you looking for in a man?", or "Do you have a boyfriend or lover?". You just have to talk in a romantic sense. Also, just be yourself when you talking to this girl. If you try to be someone else that's not you, she will definitely see through it. I hope my advice can help you in some way or fashion and best of luck with your romantic situation.


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