PLEASE heeeeeeellllllpppppppp!!! NEED YOUR ADVICE?


I have been dating a guy for approx. 3 weeks now... Let me explain how it all began...
We met each other 1 year ago and went on a date that wasn't great for both of us (There was only a kiss.. Nothing more). HE decided to stay "friends" after that shitty date. I was heart-broken. I am 20 years old/ he's 32. Then turns out I left our city to go study abroad. We texted each other once in a while to keep up as "friends". He proposed to see me a few times when I came back for Christmas etc. BUT I ALWAYS said no. Partly because I was with a new boyfriend during that period. But TRUST ME. I was dying to go see him. Now approx. 1 year later I am back in our city for good. He found out.. And proposed to go for a coffee in a cool place... I said yes (Since I broke up with my ex)... We both loved it. The next day he came to see me again.. We partied, I met his friends. The next few days I slept over by him and we had sex. He literally told me has fucked at least 50+ girls in his life, and that I am the best one. That he is 32 and feels like he's alive again.
1 y
NOW THIS WHOLE QUARANTINE THING HAPPENED... And we haven't seen each other since... But we text every day. And he's usually a very cold guy.. But he considers me as his "girlfriend" officially. Although he has a lot of good sides... I did realize that when we text our messages are centered around SEX. I don't know why there's something in me that tells me I can't trust him.. Although I would love to :( I'm scared he's gonna enjoy my company for 2 weeks after quarantine and then make up an excuse
1 y
I asked him if he cared about me and shit and his answer was " Are you crazy? I wouldn't talk to you 6hrs a day If I didn't care.. I am happy w you.. But let's just seize the day.. I don't want us to rush and make plans ahead" HE also told me when DRUNK AF " I never felt like this since 2015... I really like you."

AND LET ME ADD that I sent him booty pics and that's ALL HE TALKS ABOUT NOW. LOL. HE says he looks at them all day long
PLEASE heeeeeeellllllpppppppp!!! NEED YOUR ADVICE?
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