Why won't he kiss me?

Okay! seriously! I MUST look like a wreck or have bad breath or something because me and this guy are DATING! But he will not kiss me. I am like super angry about it now. He came into my job yesterday and heard a lady giving me advice about HIM and he still didn't try anything (he told me he heard it). He touches me, he hugs me, he sits really close to me, but he won't kiss me. what is his deal?!


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  • He might not know that you want him to kiss you, duh.

    As far as I know, it's not an innate human ability to read minds.

    In Hungary, we have a saying for this:

    "Not even the mother understands the words of the mute child.", literally translated.

    Oh, and if you think "bad breath" could be a possible issue, you should chew some mint bubble gum.


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  • That's really really weird.

    He has mouth herpes maybe and he's waiting for it to 'clear up'?

  • If you're that angry, kiss HIM. He probably just doesn't know you're ready for it.


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