What do you do in the dating game?

Ladies, about the "dating game" & your contributions......I read a response to a ? today & was inspired to ask this ?.

This dude literally says that guys do all the work in dating...& all the girl has to do is say "yes" or "no".

My ? to yall is...what do you personally do in the dating game (as in b4 a relationship) besides "just say yes or no?" I'm curious of what the responses will be. :)


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  • lol wow...no I don't do nothing, but I expect the guy to do more. I'm also shy though. I make an effort to talk to him, give him oppertunitys to come talk to me (although sometimes the guy so doesn't seem to see them) If I he's alone and not in a giant group of friends I will go up to him, maybe invite him to a group thing (no presure). But I do expect him to ask me out and to come over to talk to me way more. However I have friends that won't even do that. She thinks that the guy should do EVERYTHING, even whens he's almost sitting by himself and she's in a group of friends she expects him to come to her...And there's the oposite, where a friend goes over to guys she talks to all the time and he never approches her. To me I would think that if a guy didn't approch me then he's not interested.


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  • I think a decent girl will make an effort to make the guy feel comfortable (i.e. try to give signals to make herself more approachable/be friendly & responsive when he starts talking to her if she is interested)

    It's not a laziness thing though, I think it's just the social expectation for men to lead thesituation. There have been heaps of times when I have been attracted to a guy & wanted to ask him out but was too shy, or thought that he would be put off if I came across as dominant or something. I wish I'd done it, cause it made me sad to have missed the opportunity : (


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  • Let's bring rise to the truth:

    1) Ladies, would you say you put more effort in your appearance than most guys

    2) Ladies, would you say you are approached more by guys, or do you approach guys more

    3) Ladies, out of a any interaction with a stranger, did you approach them first, or vice-versa?

    4) Ladies, do you openly conversate with people your attracted to, or are you resistant?

    5) Ladies, how do you feel about the response in general (that guys put in more work than women, towards finding possible romance)

    And it sounds to me like women would be more interested in what the guys have to say. In my own opinion, I feel like I've busted my ass in more ways than one to find a potential mate; yet the guys who haven't put in even a 1/100th of the time I have, are typically the ones ending up in relationships. Now that may put a huge cloud of controversy over what this guy was saying, so let's dig a little deeper.

    On average, most guys will approach a girl but with either "high expectations" or "no expectations". Think about it? Your typical man will want to go out, socialize, and have an opportunity readily available.. They want that phone number, the one night stand, or something else.. Women have caught on to that and then become confused when the player, who looks like a good guy out for a fun time, is working his game on them. Not saying that players are bad people at all, in my mind they are possibly the best mates in the long-term because they have a better understanding about emotions/etc than the typical male. What I AM saying, is that those guys who take action (towards gaming people) win over those who don't. And just so you guys aren't becoming confused from my statement above: I'm the type of guy who is just a conversationalist and is honest about what he wants, and we're describing the context of most player's "games" (where they take action by NOT taking action)..

    So, just like myself, a lot of genuine good-guys are burnt out at trying for relationships.. either because we have to be someone we're not.. Or because we are honest with what we want, and are shut down like the nerdy nice-guys.. and so forth. This list can go on for years.. But now let's look at the other spectrum.. What were most women doing in all these situations? They were just being warm and accepting to the interaction while having something those guys wanted: Looks, money, personality, etc.. But all those things that the guy "wants" are more for personal reasons than towards giving them to someone else..

    Basically, the guy is being fun for the outcome of the social interaction - which is attractive to women.. etc.. All these traits, and the many more to list, are about the improvement of the interaction as a whole. While most women attract most guys by simple "appearance" characteristics. Now.. I'm not saying women "DON'T" put in effort, I'm just pointing out that in a majority of cases, they are simply accepting towards the man's actions.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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