Should I stay or should I go?

I was dating this guy who moved to Idaho, and when he moved we never really talked much when he did. Now that he has moved back, it's the same, and it's like dating a stranger. He tends to.. Almost forget about me, we never communicate. Plus he has his problems with his family. Should I break up with him, and get to know him again as a friend, or stay with him as it is now?


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  • Nah...just leave it...He is not clearly in love with you...if he did then Y would he almost forget about you..come on...its not going to work...and I dnt like the idea of knowing him as a friend would work too...its hard to be friend with some one you date..relation will start twisting back eventually..just cut all communication...u need to move on,take a fresh start ...dnt worry you will find plenty of hot guy later...stay single and enjoy for the time being


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