I'm scared of dating, advice?

And the thought of a guy asking me out, makes me panic, especially if I like him. I've only been on one date before, which was just a friend thing, and that's about it. Is this normal?


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  • It's likely due to anxiety. Some girls (and guys) feel very anxious when asked out and will even sometimes look for excuses not to go. Not out of lack of interest but out of fear of dating itself. My advice is to let the people you're interested in know that you're anxious about dating and get to know them very well before trying. Being comfortable with them will help a lot. Maybe you could not call it a date and just hang out if it helps ease your mind.



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  • It is perfectly normal. Especially if you haven't really dated before. You will need some time to open up but the best way is to experience dating.

    I don't know the level of panic you are experiencing but hey, you gotta date, sooner or later :D


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  • It's totally normal. I was that way for quite a while *sigh*. I feel bad now because I turned down quite a few nice guys because I was just not expecting it, and I hadn't had any experience with it, it was new. I found out you have to think of it as an opportunity to have fun, going on dates is an exciting experience. Just because you go out with a guy doesn't mean you're married! Just being casual about it has totally changed everything.