I'm 49, he's 27, is it possible he's into me?

Hi, I could really use some advice on this one folks! I work with this guy who 'drops' by to chat every single day without fail, sometimes two or three times a day, since Xmas, I am falling for him now tho' I realize. We have so much in common, we support each other in our goals, he has introduced me to all his friends, he takes me to outdoor stuff at the weekends, am meeting his brother next wkend, no 'date' as such yet tho; with just the two of us...maybe I'm misreading the situation and he just wants to be friends, I am finding it more and more difficult to stay cool around him and wonder what should I do...help! and no way am I asking him out!

Well! he asked me out again on a trip at the weekend with friends, I said yes , then two days before trip tells me he is also taking along a girlfriend...What the...?! I backed out...am gutted now...gonna tell him to stop coming around me anymore


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  • You can try putting suggestions to him such as,

    "You know, if you ask me out on a date I will say yes"


    "You know, if you ask me to bed I will say yes"

    • Perfect!

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    • And you can also substitute the word "will" for "might", then after saying it just walk away gracefully, don't stand in front of him waiting for an answer as that'll unnerve him or make you look desperate.

    • happy, just use the date line with "might", or change things up a bit, add specific locations. Doing this gives him the assurance that you do want him to make a move.