How can I make my boyfriend understand that I'm uncomfortable with him going to strip clubs?

I personally, am not comfortable with strip clubs at all. When someone you truly love is choosing to lust over another woman I see a problem with that. I've gotten into so many arguments with my boyfriend over this. It makes me very uncomfortable and honestly I feel like complete shit. I don't see this as a need and he makes such a big deal over it. I'm bisexual and I have a larger attraction for women then men and I'm not at all moved by these women.

It just seems so filthy. When I think of strip clubs all I can't think of is Men of perversions.

See, I wouldn't mind like bachelor parties; going to strip clubs and stuff. but when you know of him going to strip clubs for leisure and coming back with filth on his neck I can't stand it!

How can I make him listen and understand my point of view and how much it upsets me?

What do you think about all this?


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  • You're perfectly correct to be upset. I'd tell him directly he has to choose between the strip clubs and you. If he chooses them, it saves you a lot of aggravation and wasted effort.

    There's NO excuse for going there. To me, it's worse than having another girl friend. At least that is something honest that can happen in a relationship. It's not like hanging out with semi-professional women and their admirers.that's unnatural to me.

  • Don't waste time arguing. Either he stops going there or you go elsewhere. It's basically a form of prositution really and it is filthy, much worse than just flirting with another woman or something like that!


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