How do you just give up?

I've liked this guy for a while now. We can call him Guy. He's the first major crush I've had in a really long time. I haven't told him though.

Anyways. I see him everyday in class and we talked and recently made plans to go clubbing with a group of friends.

The problems is that he had a fling with my bff over the summer and she recently told me she hates when our one friend goes after the guys she's had flings with. Well, I've automatically started backing off but I still had that tiny bit of hope, ya know?

Well now he just told me he still likes her and he never stopped liking her. It's been almost a year since their fling!

So basically. The little hope is gone and now I've basically given up. Only I don't want to give up. And somehow, I've gotten roped into helping him get her back.

its basically a big ball of suckass.

so my question is... where do I go from here?


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