Should I ask her what's going on why isn't she texting back? Text advice girls and guys both welcome to answer!

Alright so there's this girl I like and we get along well (I think anyways) I talk to her every day of the week and she starts conversations with me in class and turns back every once in a while to crack jokes about the teacher, so you think the logical next step would be to start texting right? I say hey what's up no response, wait for a couple days and say hey what's up again nothing. I didn't mention anything in class cause that's kin of an awkward question in my opinion. So this time I put more effort in and have a joke\ pickup line I say, I get nothing. So now I'm getting concerned but whatever I give the benefit of the doubt and think maybe she's busy. Finally I have homework and I ask her a question about it and no response. So now that you've got that info here's my question : should I ask her what's going on why isn't she texting back at all should I leave it be or just keep repeating what I'm doing? Please give an explanation! And no I'm not the guy who texted her too much so she got annoyed I haven't even gotten the chance!


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  • don't keep texting her,

    there's a reason she's not replying.

    & honestly, if she was busy when you sent the message,

    she could have gotten back to you later.

    maybe ask her, "hey, have you been getting my texts?",

    or maybe try calling her.

    does she have a texting plan?

    do you even have the right number?

    communicate with her, if you talk everyday in class

    & she doesn't text you back seems fishy.

    communicate, ask if she's gotten any of your texts.

    if she has, then I wouldn't text her again,

    if she says "no..".. then confirm the number &

    see if she wants to get together for a study date or something

    & that you'll CALL her. texting isn't always reliable, &

    isn't nearly as personal as on the phone conversation.

    i realize that this question was asked two days ago,

    but I hope my answer still helped.

    have a good one!


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