In your personal experience?

what do you think is the image that society and the opposite gender has of your gender? And how do you think this has effected your life?


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  • I think guys and society in general view girls as weak, passive, obsessed with makeup and shopping, and complicated. They say women read into things too much and over-analyze situations. We're also said to be more artistic and less into science and math, and apparently(bs imo) guys are more logical and girls are more emotional. Oh, and if you're pretty it's even less believable that you're great at science and math *rolls eyes*.

    We shouldn't be too bold or crude in our language, guys usually think it's distasteful when we do it but funny when they do it. Girls are often subject to those annoying sandwich and kitchen jokes, and I'm quite sure that at the heart of those is the idea that the role of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children, the majority of the time, should fall to the woman. Most guys also assume we don't know much about cars, fixing things in the house, or building. Lol, well in my case this could be a fair assessment. There's also the idea that all girls go for the jerks and frat-boy type guys. Also, and this is propagated by both males and females, it's said that all girls turn into emotional wrecks with huge mood swings and aggressive behavior before and during their menstrual cycle. Truth is, that's only true for a few of us. The double standard when it comes to sleeping with people also exists. It's impressive if a guy's slept with five girls, slutty when it's a girl who's slept with five guys.

    In reality, girls and guys are a lot more similar than they are different. I try not to let gender stereotypes affect the way I live, but inevitably it affects the way people think about you and act around you. My mom asks my brother to mow the lawn, never me. And for some reason, despite my A in calc my dad's still convinced my brother's better than me in math. He's getting a B in algebra 2 and he says it's only because he's not trying. Anyway, I just try to be myself and find guys who judge and accept me for who I am rather than being hung up on who I'm "supposed" to be.

    • I agree with almost everything, except for: 1. girls do go for jerks/assholes.. me thinks. the hotter, the more she likes the bad boy. But I also see why 'nice' guys do not score, and I understand the girls point of thinks. 2. The double standard for sex: look, statistically talking, an average girl will a) have it far easier to get a boyfriend (a shy girl can be approached anyway, and find a Boyfriend in her teens a shy guy generally won't - source: me and pretty much all of the guys I know!)

    • b) get sex , if she wants, pretty much anytime she wants, or far more easily than a guy. Talking about sex, is females who hold the power, therefore I'm not against the double standard, not till the day the power will be equally shared. thanks for the answer

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  • I think that most guys think that if you are pretty, then you are a whore..or you have been "around". To my own experience, when I was in high school, and still a virgin, a guy randomly asked me how many guys I have been with..."come on, is it more than you can count on your hands?" when I said I haven't been with anyone, he replied "Pshhh we know that's a lie!" I know more and more girls are trashy these days, but I wish guys didn't look and automatically assume the pretty good looking ones are easy..I think it is the quite opposite really. Although, that belief might be rash. No offense to anyone. Another thing, I see a lot that guys say "Why is it okay for her to look? And, not me?" Well, I am in love with my boyfriend, and I do not check other guys out. I am serious. I may see a guy and can tell he's attractive, but I do not go and look at their butts or whatever. That is my truth. Most people are different. But, I can't find anyone more attractive than my boyfriend, nor do I want to. Just my opinion. And, another thing, I do not appreciate that guys expect sex within the first few months of us dating. How are we suppose to not be easy when guys complain the first month that we haven't given them any? Not saying I am. And, no offense to anyone. This is my opinion.

  • i'm more passive since I've always been taught by society that it's the guy's job to initiate things


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  • Girls think that all men are players, sex addicts, jerks or shy guys (those two extremes, no middle ground), we're all supposedly suave and can talk easily to girls, I'm stupid or basic, and other things.

    It's affected because it's extremely tough to approach a girl without coming off like a player that is trying to get some, while at the same time trying to be upfront and confident about why I'm approaching her (I find her attractive and want to get to know her). It's like you start out behind and with a prejudice against you, so you not only have to make the person feel comfortable around you, not only have to work at trying to get to know them more, but you first have to show them that you aren't one of those players AS WELL AS not one of those players trying to act like a nice guy in disguise. It's a minefield lol.

    With the other stuff, it's tough when you don't come off as the usual perceived confident guy, because sometimes you wonder if you are getting rejected because you don't seem strong enough, if you did/said something wrong, or if it's some other reason. Again, another minefield.

    I sound like I'm becoming a bitter young guy haha.

    • I feel you, I'm rageful towards females, I think they've had it all and still insist in bashing and saying we have no problems and we must keep listening to them, else we are the usual selfish bastard who are insensitive and unable to feel any emotion. and if we do, they bin us in the 'sissy' category... actually, on top of binning me, I think they feel entitled to abuse and desrespct, because they are 'women' and I'm a 'perv'. f***ing hate them

    • Whoa, calm down man lol. I'm not that angry about it, but it is frustrating to have all these images to live up to. I mean yeah like I said, I don't like being ignored because someone *thinks* I'll act a certain way. It's too fine of a line between being confident in things like sexual tones and creepiness. I just think that getting mad because a guy doesn't push his sexuality enough, then turning around later and saying he's a sex monster is frustrating to even read about.