I didn't know if he wanted to just hook up or to date me. What was this random guy's intention?

So this happened to me the other day. What does it mean? I was at college just sitting on the grass waiting for my ride (I didn't have my car with me that day), and then a random guy I don't know around my age comes up to me out of nowhere and out of the blue asks me "what's a beautiful girl like you doing all by herself over here?" hahahaha... I was flattered but freaked out at the same time kind of equally. I didn't know what to say, all I said was that I was waiting for a ride. And then he said "okay, well have a good day" and I was like "thanks you too" but I liked the compliment. but I didn't know if he wanted to just hook up or to date me or what, lol...


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  • My guess was that the guy thought you were attractive and he wanted to strike up a conversation. Seems like he lost confidence though. Probably because you seemed freaked out and figured you didn't like his advances. I couldn't tell you what his intentions were, because I'm not him, but it sounds like he just wanted to talk to you because he thought you were beautiful. If you see him again, go up and say hey, he probably thinks that you thought he was weird. So if you liked him, or thought he was sweet, make the next move and assure him that his comment was appreciated!

    • Thank you so very much for taking time to answer my question! I really appreciate your feedback, it helped a lot! I will try this next time I see him! :)

    • No problem. Thanks for your comments on my issue as well, I totally understand what you were saying and it makes a LOT of sense! Like you said, God knows who I am supposed to be with, I just gotta trust him and wait for my REAL true love!

    • You're very welcome. I'm glad I could help. I like to help people. I'm glad what I said makes sense and that you understand what I was saying. Exactly man! That will happen for you. I have felt weak at times thinking it would never happen to me, but with my faith in God, it has helped me to never give up on that hope and to trust him! I have been through many hard times in my life, learned many things the hard way, and experienced a LOT, so I really know how to help people. I wish you the best!

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  • he didn't want to do anything other than make you smile :)

    • Well, he DID make me smile! I was blushing, haha!

    • He could have been hoping for a longer conversation.

    • Really? You think so? I'm just not sure what he really wanted, you know? But that makes sense.

  • i usually think its a hook up line, I doubt he wanted to date you because he could have talked to you longer

    • Maybe he was shy or felt he was making me uncomfortable? Maybe that's why he didn't talk to me longer. I don't know.. I liked him too, but oh darn it, I didn't know what to do... :/ He just left... I missed my chance!

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