Should I date him or leave him?

So I have been friends with this guy for 5 years now. When we first meet we had a bit of a thing we on and off dated for like 3 months but he was a jerk whenever we were together so I called it quits completely. We remained friends through mutual friends and every couple months he would call and we would hang out a couple weekends in a row and then I wouldn’t hear from him for a few months.

Then about a month ago we started on one of the every couple months things and it was different. He invited me into his house ( he didn’t really ever do that before), he asked me to stay the night (never before), he goes out of his way to contact me at least once a day usually a text (before only when he need something), he is asking about my feelings on anything and everything ( never ever before). So now I have spent the last 3 weekends at his house last week he wanted to see me during the week what is also different. He hasn’t tried to have sex he’s implied he wants it though. Then I got a text asking if I had feelings for him. Since he has hurt me before I made him answer the question about me first as he knows I used to like him and he was a jerk. He said of course I do. So I told him the truth and said I do. He then sent me a text saying next time we see each other we should talk about us.

Now knowing his history should I give him a chance? or should I just leave it.


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  • people change as they mature, especially guys, maybe he has realized what a good thing he could have with you, give him a chance, he might make you really happy!


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