Now you won't tell me why you aren't talking to me! Guys...why do you do this!!!?

okay so were supposedly in love and were supposed to go on our first date but out of the blue you stop talking to me and stop texting me..before you told me how much you loved me and how we are perfect but now you won't tell me why you aren't talking to me! so why would you do this without even telling me what the heck is going on!? because now my heart is broken and I know you have your phone so what gives? why do guys do this?


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  • This is why underage kids shouldn't be allowed to use the word 'love.'

    He is a BOY and he doesn't know what that word means. Neither of you should be using it at all.

    He's unsure of what he wants, and at his age that completely makes sense. Dating at this age at best, should be one to three dates with someone, and that's it.


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