Why has he stopped calling?

All of a sudden, this guy who "likes me" just stopped phoning me for no reason. We got along great, then out of the blue he doesn't talk to me on the phone or on msn. He used to talk to me on the phone and online all the friggin time. Was it me? Did I do something wrong? Why has he stopped calling and chatting with me?

He started talking to me again.


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  • Are you sure nothing happened to him? How long has it been since you last talked? Maybe he's really busy, or sick or something... if it's been over a few weeks, he's lost interest and instead of having the balls to tell you he's not into you, he's just avoiding you. It really depends on what kind of guy he is. Maybe you should call him and see what happened.

    • He did start talking to me again, he said that he was busy, and that he wasn't ignoring me at all. He said he would never do that.

    • See! You can't always assume things. You usually image things to be worse than they actually are. I'm glad he contacted you.

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  • Something happened - are you sure there was no reason whatsoever? If nothing occurred between you two then I would have to assume he has found another girl.

    • I'm sure nothing happened, and he has told me that he likes me, and nobody else.

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  • Quite honestly. this JUST happened to me this past summer. Guy didn't talk to me for three months after and now he suddenly tries to again. well. My only thoughts are unless he's got a REALLY good excuse or you find out something happened to him...then He's not worth it. I wish I had better information for you. I'm sure it's nothing you did. Best of luck with that.