What about a guitar date?

Hey girls, what do you think of a first date in a local park, if both of you are playing the guitar, so showing/teaching new songs as the main activity besides flirting of course ;)

Or would it appear as to cheesy at all?

I am planning to ask my girl out for the first time, so I was just wondering ...


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  • It's not cheesy. It would be fun. I know how to play a couple of instruments and playing in the park would be an utter ball. Does your girlfriend know how to play guitar?

    • We both love to play the guitar, and she is probably better than me ;)

      And no, she's not my girlfriend (...yet, I hope), but today I casually indicated that I would go to the park next week and will finally ask her out as soon as possible (when we are alone, I suppose ;) ) I just thought it would appear as to cheesy or show-offish, like "heeey, I can play the guitar, well, 3 chords, whatever, I am so cool!", because that's totally not me

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