Did he want to kiss me?

I just got out of a gathering with a guy & we walk out and he had a look that he wanted to say something......so I asked him "what?" he didn't respond, but we both stood there, looking at each other, then he smiled. there was a tension that has been present for the past couple of weeks. every time we see each other we don't stop smiling or laughing. he is into comic books and all of that kind of stuff, and I'm not. but anyway, through out the activity, he was fidgeting or crossing his arms. when we are in a situation where we can talk, we talk and everything is perfect. this was the first time we have seen each other outside of our norm . I guess my main question was what was his expression about when we were outside? again, he was timid, quiet, never lost eye contact, and he was slightly hesitant to leave when we said bye. one person said he wanted to kiss me. guys, what is your detailed input? thank you!


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  • i thinkk he likkes you and wanted to tell you that he did that probably wood have led to your kiss so yea I thinkk he wanted to kiss you